Our facility houses over 250 species of animals and marine life.
We encourage the community to visit the Aquarium of Boise to help raise awareness of the benefits conservation provides.
Come see our Reptiles on display in their newly expanded exhibit!

• Black Tip Reef Sharks

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Get up close and personal with this pool where you can feed the sharks and rays! 

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Shark and Puffer Exhibit

• Bat Rays

• Stingrays


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The chameleon and lizard can be found in the tree canopy at the top of the exhibit. The exhibit features various reptiles including geckos and snake species.

Our 1700 gallon tropical reef exhibit that allows for feeding and petting of fish from around the Tropical Pacific Ocean.

• Chameleons

• Red-tailed Boa, Ball Python

• Over 35 species of reef and marine life

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Come into our new bird aviary and feed these playful, curious birds right from your hands. This new exhibit is rapidly becoming a favorite for the whole family.

Bird Aviary

• Yellow Breasted Lory

• Rainbow Lory

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The Russian Tortoise has taken over the sunken boat. Come and interact with the tortoise as he moves (slowly) around the inside of the boat.

• Russian Tortoise

• Sea Urchins

• Sea Stars

Amazing Angels Exhibit

Children enjoy searching the tide pools for sea urchins, sea stars, fish and our elusive Spanish Lobsters.

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This exhibit holds 17,000 gallons of seawater and contains our largest species of sharks as well as our largest pufferfish who we named "Letterman". We have a coral refugium for the exhibit, which provides another level of biological filtration to the health of the exhibit.


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Shark and Ray Pool

• Mappa Pufferfish

• Various shark species

• Red Iguana & Blue Iguana

• Savannah Monitor 

• Fish

• Cichlids

• Silver Arowana

• Plecostomus

• Red-tailed Catfish

This exhibit highlights a variety of freshwater fish from South America.

Russian Tortoise

Amazon Exhibit

• Peacock Bass

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Shark Nursery

This exhibit shows shark eggs ready to hatch, along with baby sharks getting ready to join the others. As sharks lay their eggs, we secure them for viewing and help them along for raising.

• Bamboo Sharks

Tide Pools